Designing a set of pepper grinder and salt shaker with a certain theme and making working prototypes from wood.


Wood crafting


Solidworks, Keyshot

Photoshop, Lightroom


Sept, 2012 - Dec, 2012

Concept & mock-up

Concepts follow a style or a theme, making pepper grinder and salt shaker look like a pair.

King & Queen chess


Swan couple


Concept 1.0

The first concept has a beautiful engraved body design. However, the cross and small blocks on the top of the grinder and shaker are just for aesthetics rather than usable and user-friendly. It needs to be improved.

Final concept

Concept 2.0

Both bodies have been redesigned into a cone shape for more stable handling. Top cross and blocks have been changed into more simply cylindrical shapes with more round edges. The whole pair looks more steady and durable.

Scandia teak wood

Ash wood

Beech wood

Scandia teak is a type of hard wood. Using it as the material of pepper grinder can ensure the durability of frequently grinding. Ash and Beech have bright color which indicates the white of salt, being contrast to Scandia teak the black of pepper.



Wood blocks first went through woodturning, sanding and polishing on the lathe machine.


Then wood cylinders were drilled in order to create the cavity for mechanism and seasoning.


The mechanism has two parts. The spinning rode has been glued into the top part of grinder. The bottom ceramic grinder is flexible which can be take out when refilling the pepper.

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